Saturday, August 17, 2013

Yard Sale Chair Makeover

Ok, so I bought this nifty little chair at a yard sale for $10 two summers ago...wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with it, or where I wanted to put it, but after revamping my sewing room, I decided it had a home in there. Here is the chair almost as I bought it...I usually forget to take a before picture until after I have started the actually hubby had already spray painted the wood flat black for me...cute chair huh???

 I grabbed an old Home Arts magazine I picked up at a local antique dealer a while back and started cutting out the ads and articles from it. It is from 1936 should read some of these, totally hilarious...anyway...grabbed the mod podge too
 As you can see the chair back had some damage and mod podging over would totally take care of it
 Happily mod podging layer at a time..make sure to let each layer dry 15 min before putting another on...especially if you don't want wrinkles is the finished the way it turned and unique!

 Thanks for looking!!!

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