Thursday, August 29, 2013

Laundry Room Decor

Ok...let's just say I don't have the prettiest laundry room...I'm pretty sure it will never be featured in Better Homes & Gardens...but...I have done my best to pretty it up.  It is in the basement of our 120 year old home, and the walls are uneven, painted, poured concrete...its that old adage about making have to work with what you have.

Below is a cute little sign that hangs by the dryer...saw it on Pinterest and knew it was perfect, and more functional than the lone socks sitting in a pile in a basket that no one goes through. Hoping the array of strays disappears once everyone sees them.
 This is in the corner, dryer on one wall, then laundry tub and washer on other wall. All the pipes are exposed, so when I painted the room...I just painted them too, to at least make them less obvious. Also saw the fabric wrapped ladder on Pinterest, they did it with a flag, but I just took some excess fabric and raffia and did the same thing. Found some extra decor items and voila...I think I like it...:P
 This sign I made...or rather re-made! It was a "Family" sign we bought at Hobby Lobby and got ruined in our move last year.  Only the paper top of it was destroyed, not the wood it was on, so I painstakingly punched all the squares out of paint chips ( our local paint store had a whole box they were getting rid of ) took me for----ever to punch them all out. The colors were chosen for my bathroom, but then I didn't end up using it it sat...until yesterday. I mod podged all the squares on, and then took a brown ink pad and inked all over the top to soften some of the colors and give it a more uniform appearance. Cut out the letters with my cricut and mod podged them on top. It works as the adjacent room is my sewing room and it is tealish in color. The bottle is just a dollar store bottle I glued twine to, and some pine cones to finish off the display. Im thinking I need some greenery along the shelf yet, but Im not sure

Thanks for stopping in today and seeing my latest projects...thats what happens when you get out of bed and go on pinterest...I decided rather than pinning more projects, I would make some of the ones I already pinned...yay, I love completed projects!!!

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