Friday, August 16, 2013


Seems like I've been M I A for the summer...nope, here, busy...working...crafting and hubby had emergency by-pass surgery as it made for an interesting summer. He is recovering quite well and things have returned to normal, well, as normal as our clan can be.

My latest projects have consisted of working on my sewing room. Its just a tiny little room in my basement, adjacent to my craft also doubles as extra storage, so it was a challenge to make the area aesthetically pleasing while making it easy for everyone else to find things when they need them. Also dealing with a less than attractive cement wall that is very uneven and somewhat unattractive...but since there are no plans to change that, I just worked with what I had. Below is a pic of the area emptied out before I began painting. Notice the lovely panel box too...
 Good news is that I have an updated, however small window for natural does look into our driveway, and so in some of the pictures you will notice our cars, but hey, thats life
 Here is the storage all the shelving, its just really ugly
 Here is the first after shot...colour is a tealish aqua-ey, it did seem a bit dark at first, but one I got all my stuff back in, I was happy with the choice. Notice the small green fabric cabinet...that green is the colour of the craft room...weird combo, but it works, well, I think it does anyway. Made the ironing board cover myself, as all the pre made ones are not pretty and I wanted pretty, even had enough left over for a small valance.
 Here is what I like to affectionately call my "wrapping centre" the middle I put some cork boards from the dollar store, to hold bows and ribbon. I covered them with fabric and staple gunned (as my husband gasps) to the wall. I have been wanting to make something for all my wrapping stuff, and who knew I had it all along, so Im quite happy with that. The chair, which you can barely see at the bottom of the picture, was a yard sale find a couple years had some damage, the veneer was cracked, but I loved the style, so hubby spraypainted it black and then I modpodged the seat and back with ads from an old Craft magazine from 1936 that I picked up at a local antique store we frequent. Another post will follow with the chair project
 This is a peg board I painted, then created a stencil with my cricut and painted the "create" with the same green as the fabric cabinet. I got dowels from the dollar store (gotta love that place) and cut them to hold a spool of thread and the matching bobbin, and then glue gunned them into the pegboard...made some extra on the other side, just so all my stuff is easy to see and grab. Now the pin cushion in the tea cup is an old one that I've had forever, and just last night I made one of those cute ones from pinterest with a jelly jar and the same fabric from the cork boards...but I guess I neglected to take a shot of it.
 Here is the eensy weensy little window with its eensy valance, cute though, and a great window ledge for setting stuff, like my large pinecones, and pics of me and hubby
 Got some mdf letters from Hobby Lobby for 2.49 each, covered them with scrapbook paper, mod podged them, sanded them and stuck some ribbon and buttons on them. Hubby spray painted the piece of drywall the panel box was on, wires and all, just so it looks a little less obvious.

 The wreath I made earlier this year from dictionary just hadn't found a home where I liked it...but I love it here. The sign I made myself...we were at a yard sale earlier this year, and this guy was selling all these wood planks for $1 each...I bought 5 or so, then hubby went back and got me like 20 knows me so well. I painted it roughly with some leftover paint, and tried not to cover the wood entirely. Cut some letters out with my cricut and Sure Cuts a Lot software for the quote. I even drilled the holes in the wood myself, once I figured out how to use the drill...(hubby usually does this for me, but he wasn't home) and then just ties some jute and knotted it in front to hang it up

 Got some dollar store fabric baskets to hide all the not-so-pretty items that get stored here, then made tags with my cricut and ran them through my printer with the contents of the basket
 The chest we picked up at a yard sale a month or so ago, for like $5...they wanted $10, but hubby haggled em down...I simply rolled up all my fabric and stacked them...I can see almost everything and fabric is somewhat like scrapbook paper, you can never have enough, and I love to collect it
 The only thing left to do is paint the desk that my sewing machine sits on...I want it black on top with everything else an antique white...a friend suggested perhaps black is not the best choice for a sewing table as it will be hard to see...what do you all think?
Thanks for me if you have questions...

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