Friday, December 13, 2013

Deck the Halls!!!

Ahhhhhhh...its the most wonderful time of the year! I love Christmas...and this year has really been perfect so done early, everything made and sent...presents wrapped and under the tree...and all the baking is done.  Its wonderful to have such a relaxed December...being off work has afforded me the pleasure of getting everything done without any stress or time constraints. Just wanted to share my decore for the holidays!

Below is my little village...hubby got most of them on sale on Black Friday many years ago, and since then, we have found a couple at yard sales, and some damaged ones cheap, that of course, were easily fixed.
 This is my "junky" centerpiece. We bought the box (along with about 10 others) from a local guy who had been collecting them for years and finally decided to get rid of them all. Its long and skinny, and even though dh didn't like the box when he first saw it, he now says he's glad "he" bought it, as it fits our long dining room table so well. The apothecary on the left purchased at St Vincent de Paul for $3.00, the middle one is actually a trifle dish and the last one dh bought at a yard sale. Greenery was cut from some local trees that had been taken down and left in a pile to be removed.
 Dave's parents bought us this nativity set many years ago, and I love how it fits so well in my kitchen window. fireplace. Always wanted a fireplace just so I could decorate it for Christmas...dh put an old barn board on top for some extra width and I kinda like it there. The jars were all made from dollar store glassware...jars and upside down dessert or candle holder...I'm just too cheap to pay for actual apothecary jars.

 Made new stockings this year...had some fabric left over from my new tree skirt, so I thought I might as well make stockings to co-ordinate with my color scheme
 And finally my tree, all fancied up with its new colors are chocolate, green and cream...with a large focus on birds. I love makes me happy :)
 Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!