Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Little Birdie Told Me...

Gotta love yard sales! Dh and I go every weekend, only for an hour or so, but we have so much fun and find so many cool things. This past weekend I nabbed this was early, and the stuff was out on the table, but the house was closed up, so I just left the moolah on the table, hope they got it.

So here is the little beauty after I stripped it of its somewhat tacky flowers...
 And with a coat or two of Heirloom White Spray paint...which, btw...dh and ds insist is just white, but you and I know its totally
 So here we are all prettied up and sitting on my dining room table. I made a wood base for it out of some old cheese box wood I got at a guys house. I stenciled the scripture "I am the Bread of Life, all that come to me shall not hunger", and put some felty-protect-my-table-from-getting-scratched thingys on the bottom

As always, thanks for looking!!!