Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Give Thanks!

Made this little Thanksgiving display for my front porch. Yes, us Canucks celebrate Thanksgiving earlier than you Americans...this weekend is the big turkey day for us...and our family certainly has a lot to be thankful for this year. Dave had triple by-pass this summer, and we didn't even know there was a we are thankful that he did not have a heart attack...from the time he had his stress test to surgery to recovery to home was only 15 days...which we are very thankful for...he didn't have to wait months and months for this, cause he would have kept working and who knows what could have happened. We are also thankful that he recovered so well and is doing amazing now...he is back to work and life has returned to normal again. The thing I am most thankful for is the amazing faithfulness of our Lord Jesus...I could not have done this summer without Him and He continually intervened and got us through. Thankful for our amazing friends who prayed and believed with us for DAve's complete has been a challenging summer, but we are on the other side, and I for one, am very thankful!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Jewellery/Light Filtering Shutter Display

 So this is my little project. I woke up this morning staring into our master bath, thinking, why have I not covered that window...that morning light is too bright. Then in a whirlwind of a moment, it all came to me..."I could put those old shutter in the window ledge, and THEN I could hang all my jewellery on them...pretty and functional. Mhmmmmmmmm."

The shutters came from a yard sale a couple years ago, 50 cents a piece for 4 of them. Darn good price I'd say. Two I had repurposed as part of a headboard, but still had two left, just begging to be used somewhere in the house. I went a got some satin finish espresso spray paint, and went to work
 Here they are all pretty and painted up
 Oh yeah love love. I can see all my jewellery at once. I had hubby drill and install some small silver hooks for things like rings and bracelets and necklaces. I also made some cork pads at the bottom, covered them in fabric, and can stick all my stud earrings in them. I love this...and so quick and simple to put together

 Bonus...tomorrow when I wake up the morning sunshine won't be quite as bright...and...another bonus, is even though hubby insists no one can see in that window, cause its that rippled glass, now I know for sure they can't. LOL...he just rolled his eyes at me...