Thursday, October 3, 2013

Jewellery/Light Filtering Shutter Display

 So this is my little project. I woke up this morning staring into our master bath, thinking, why have I not covered that window...that morning light is too bright. Then in a whirlwind of a moment, it all came to me..."I could put those old shutter in the window ledge, and THEN I could hang all my jewellery on them...pretty and functional. Mhmmmmmmmm."

The shutters came from a yard sale a couple years ago, 50 cents a piece for 4 of them. Darn good price I'd say. Two I had repurposed as part of a headboard, but still had two left, just begging to be used somewhere in the house. I went a got some satin finish espresso spray paint, and went to work
 Here they are all pretty and painted up
 Oh yeah love love. I can see all my jewellery at once. I had hubby drill and install some small silver hooks for things like rings and bracelets and necklaces. I also made some cork pads at the bottom, covered them in fabric, and can stick all my stud earrings in them. I love this...and so quick and simple to put together

 Bonus...tomorrow when I wake up the morning sunshine won't be quite as bright...and...another bonus, is even though hubby insists no one can see in that window, cause its that rippled glass, now I know for sure they can't. LOL...he just rolled his eyes at me...

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