Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dresser Makeover

 Above is the original bought this at a yard sale about 6 years ago for $5.00 and the lovely stenciling on it I did after I bought served its purpose for many years, but with a new color scheme in my bedroom, it needed a makeover
 First two coats were a color called Fiesta Red by Color Your World...our living room was this color for a few years and I had a jar of leftover paint...yay...and my comforter has deep red flowers in it. so it is perfect.
Next, above...I took one of dh's candles, and rubbed it all over where I wanted the red to show through after the next coat...then above right, I painted with cream over the wax...needed two coats ...let it dry completely while I cut the grass and made dinner
 Here are the drawers after the second coat of cream is the finished product...after I sanded of course...I am so pleased with the finished product, and it looks wonderful in the bedroom...tomorrow is shopping for some fabric, and then on the old window headboard that dh did himself, but again the colors don't match, so it will receive the same treatment as this dresser. At the ends will be two old shutters I picked up at a yard sale for 1.00 to make it as long as my bed...will post when done


Glenda said...

Lovely makeover! Looks so pretty with your new color scheme!

Cheryl said...

oh this looks amazing Hun what a super make over hugs Cherylxxx