Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome Carolyn

I have been waiting to get started on this book of my life. Finally got all the family/baby pics from my mom, so I am pleased to show it off. The drawing on the left was done by my aunt and uncle in Holland, where my family originates. I was born in Canada, and they sent this to my parents when I was born 45 years ago...what a treasure to have this. The pics are the only ones of me as a baby. You will see a large set of boys looking on...those are 4 of my brothers, and the 5th one took the picture...after 5 boys, a girl was a welcome surprise. Baby carriage was designed in scal with basic shapes and an "s" for the handle.. When the pages for this book are all done, the computer generated information will be added...but I was anxious to post.

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Purrbal said...

I love your baby carriage, can you pretty please share the scut(2) for it?

purrbal at gmail dot com