Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tri-Shutter Card 50th Birthday

Made this card for my bff for her 50th. There is a link in an older post how to make the card itself, but I used Storybook for the scalloped circles, and the "50". The "ur my bff" is from Zooballoo, "reasons" is Opposites Attract, and the candles are from Stretch your Imagination. They are with the cake, but since the candles cut first, I would cut them and then cancel the cut, so as to not waste paper cutting cakes I didn't need. I think the "happy birthday" is from SYI as well. I heat embossed the flames on the candles in yellow, and yes, there are 50 of them. If you untie the ribbon on the far right, there are 50 reasons (computer generated) why she is my bff. These are such fun cards to make. A tip I saw on the Cricut MB, was to make a DS or SCAL file for all the background pieces on the base of the card, so you won't have to measure them out each time you make one...if I figure out how to share the scal file (which is what I used and remember what size the over card is I will share it under .cut files for you to use.

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Audrey Frelx said...

That is one fabulous shutter card!!! Wow!!!

You do great projects, and...

I'll be seeing you!