Thursday, January 26, 2012

Girly Purse Card

This card was so much fun to make...saw it in an old card making magazine and knew a friend who it was perfect for. It was made in Cricut Craft Room by welding two marquee shapes together from is an actual card that opens at the bottom. I also made two slightly smaller single shapes for the white piece on the outside and one on the inside to write on. The scalloped border was made with an edge punch, and then snipped at every "valley" between the scallops (much like when you are sewing on a curve, it is snipped to the seam so it sits flat) and then you manipulate it so it can follow a curve...hope that makes sense. The ribbon flower was made from a pin on Pinterest...instructions are here if you are interested...very simple to make. (its the red one with white polka have to scroll down a bit to see it)

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