Friday, September 23, 2011

Just Stamping...

Been snooping around the internet lately, looking for inspiration...found some really beautiful all stamped cards...I love my cricut, but wanted to try something a little different...for me anyway. So I made these cards with stamping only...I have a nice selection of stamps, but sometimes enjoy buying them more than using this week I put them to good use...I hope? The big fern leaf is one of the very first stamps I bought...its foam and I think I bought it at J's in the wall stencil section...but it worked wonderfully with my inks...and then I traced around with a black fine tip gel pen. Have to give credit where credit is due...both of these were inspired by a website I found online called ImpressRubberStamps...check them out, they have stunning stamps!

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Peggy T. said...

Your cards are beautiful. I love the stamps. Your work is so pretty.